COWABUNGA BOY COFFEE 2 / 12 oz. bags

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Cowboys, campfires, and good, strong coffee are all old, traditional ways of life that I love. Throw living on the beach in the mix, and you’ll be staring at a barefoot, board shorts wearing dude in a cowboy hat I call Cowabunga Boy! I love my life on the beach, and still enjoy a campfire on the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ve been on the road for years, but have rarely found a coffee that I love. This could be attributed to my Grandmother’s coffee. She was a true Louisiana woman, who liked her coffee stronger than most, and traveled with her own coffee, and coffee pot. I seem to have taken up her trail!

So, here it is...a strong, bold French brew, which originates from South America, having notes of smoky raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise. I hope you enjoy!


 You will receive two 12 oz bags with each order.